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Member Plus is a purchasing service that sources amazing prices and deals for its members.

We can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your everyday purchases each year.

Member Plus knows that every dollar counts, and we use the power of our large membership numbers to secure great deals and benefits on a huge range of products and services.

We’ve been doing it for over thirty years, so we know what we’re talking about!

Our suppliers know that we expect amazing offers for our members, always!

So sit back and relax and let Member Plus do the bargaining for you! It’s time you focussed on the other important things in life!

How To Use Member Plus

Member Plus provides members with great savings across a wide range of quality products and services.

Not sure what you can source through Member Plus? Chances are we can help you with whatever it is you are looking to buy.

Think electrical goods, cameras, computers, travel, accommodation, entertainment, groceries, wine, discounted gift cards, mobile phones, jewellery, health & fitness, insurance, motor vehicles, rental cars, …and heaps more.

Think major brands. We’ve got it all covered.

To be part of the savings simply find what you are looking for in the Products & Services section and follow the instructions to access the offer, or contact us on 1300 658 787 and one of our lovely Call Centre staff will help you out.

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